Friday, May 2, 2014

Second Peruvian Child Victim of Racist Attack

One week after it was revealed by Consul General of Peru, Julio Cardenas, that a 13 year old Peruvian girl had been raped by 5 Japanese classmates, a second case of a Japanese racist attack has emerged in Kanazawa.

A 12 year old Peruvian boy was savagely beaten by two Japanese boys of the same age.  The Japanese boys had a history of bullying the boy at school a teacher at the boys' school said.  The teacher wishing to be unnamed said, "The two boys have been bullying the Peruvian boy for the last year.  They have been known to use racist names, trip the boy, and to write racist notes to him.  The principal had a meeting with their parents in February and things seemed to have gotten better."

Unfortunately, they had not gotten better.  Three weeks ago the two Japanese boys confronted the Peruvian as he rode his bicycle home after school.  One boy pushed him off the bike and when he tried to defend himself, the second boy came from behind and beat him on the head with an empty drink can.

A witness says they continued to beat him after he fell to the ground, and did not stop even as he bled from his nose and the wounds on his head.  They only stopped when an unidentified Japanese man stepped in.  The Japanese attackers ran off and the man called police.  Knowing where the boy lived the man then went to the boy's home to tell his mother.  The man returned with the mother just as Kanazawa police arrived.

After an initial investigation at the scene, an officer went to one of the attackers' home and talked to the accused and his mother.  The accused then took the officer to the second accused home where the officer talked with his mother.  The officer returned to the scene where an ambulance crew had arrived and began treating the victim's injuries.  The boy was taken to a hospital where he was treated, and xrays showed no serious injury his skull, so he was released.

Police the next day arrived to the victim's home with an offer from the parents of the attackers of money for the medical treatment and a small amount of apology money.  When the mother refused so she could get legal consultation, the police informed her their offer would only be made once.

An attorney procured for the woman by the Peruvian Consulate in Tokyo, Kotaro Tanaka, says that he is looking into the case going to Juvenile Court in Kanazawa so the mother can get medical bills paid and also damages for the boy's physical, mental, and emotional anguish.  Mr. Tanaka says that his office can make no other statements as the case is being reviewed by Kanazawa courts.  Tanaka and the boy's mother want attempted murder charges filed against the attackers and their parents charged with obstructing justice for making a financial offer to quiet the case.  They also want Kanazawa prefecture and city government officials to investigate methods police use.

The boy is currently being treated by a psychologist in Kanagawa and also by a therapist specializing with victims of bullying.  The Peruvian Consulate says the case became known after the mother called the Peruvian Consulate after reading a Peruvian website reporting on the rape victim in Fujinomiya, Shizuoka.

The Peruvian Consul General, Mr. Cardenas, comments, "Foreigners in Japan need to be made aware of what their rights are by the Japanese government.  There are far too many cases of violence against foreigners at the moment."  The mother reports she is afraid of reprisals from the parents of the attackers after she received legal representation.  A note in Japanese was taped to the door of her home stating that "If you do not like your treatment go back to Peru and take all the other trash with you."  Parents of the attackers deny writing the note.  Police in Kanazawa say they are still investigating and the case is ongoing.

We will update as more information comes forth.  Rev. Daniel Rea, Editor Japan Times Herald

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