Thursday, May 1, 2014

13 Year Old Peruvian Girl Raped By Japanese Classmates

This is sick beyond all imagination.  The Japanese lamestream media has yet to cover this.  The Keystones in Shizuoka have done squat to investigate.  The school board in Fujinomiya, Shizuoka have done all they can to block any information.  This needs to be reported.  Come on bloggers get in touch with my friend Rev. Daniel Rea at the Japan Times Herald for information.

Hat tip Japan Times Herald

A 13 year old Peruvian girl has reported to police and her mother that she has been repeatedly raped by five Japanese female class mates.

The girl, who was a member of a music club at the school in Fujinomiya, Shizuoka, says as one girl penetrated her with a "device" other girls would hold her down as two others would film and take photographs of the rape on their phones.

The girl's mother, who is a single mother, says, "My daughter has been very troubled for some time and I wanted to know why. Last Friday she let me know the reason. I was horrified." After the mother received little help from police and the school or school board, she decided to involve Peruvian Consul General, Julio Cardenas.

Consul General Cardenas has been seen at the Shizuoka Central Police building and also at the school in Fujinomiya. When I contacted the Consul I was told by an employee who wished to remain anonymous, “Today we had a telephone discussion with the mother and we found her to be in a very emotional state. We offered all our support and full cooperation as diplomats in Japan for Peru. It is totally heart breaking that could happen to any child. We must assure our citizens we will not allow any abuse or bullying of our citizens."

School officials refused to comment, as did police in Shizuoka.

The presence of Peruvian Consul General Julio Cardenas has motivated police in Fujinomiya, Shizuoka to confiscate the phones of the 5 Japanese girls accused of raping their Peruvian class mate.  The girl and her mother talked over an hour with Consul Cardenas.  After that , she had more details that will help in the police investigation. 

Consul Cardenas has brought the mother and daughter to Tokyo for a consultation with a Japanese lawyer, Kotaro Tanaka .

The Consul has commented that the girl and her mother have much fear and asked to be removed from Shizuoka.   This afternoon, the mother decided on action to safeguard the physical and psychological health of her family and they left Shizuoka with the Consul.

"They are now leaving Fujinomiya " said an employee at the Peruvian Consulate who asked not to be identified.  The employee added, "They only want to communicate with the Consul, an attorney, and the police . They want justice."

We will keep updating as information comes.

Peruvian Consul General Julio Cardenas reports that the 13 year old girl and her mother are doing well in Tokyo. Currently they are staying in a home provided by the Consul. The girl has been able to see a priest and a psychologist in Tokyo. The mother has been able to get some medical attention for hypertension.

The Consul has been working with the Shizuoka police and with the school board in Fujinomiya. The Consul could not comment on the investigation as it is ongoing. An employee at the consulate who asked to remain anonymous noted on the telephone that, "Right now we are doing all we can to care for the needs of the family. The mother has her younger son in Tokyo as well. Our main concern is to provide for their well being."

The consulate has retained legal representation with Kotaro Tanaka. The law firm would only confirm they are conducting legal representation and cooperating with the Consul and with authorities.

Questions still remain as to why the Japanese media has ignored this story. The Japan Times Herald has sent this story to all major news outlets, including English language, and has received no reply as of the posting of this update.

By Rev. Daniel Rea, Managing Editor, Japan Times Herald


  1. Now, this incident has become a hot topic on the Internet bulletin board of Japan.
    Everybody wants to know the name of this junior high school.
    Do you know the name of this middle school?

  2. Please tell me the name of the newspaper that you have sent this news.

  3. Name of the newspaper is Japan Times Herald.

    Name of the junior high is Fujinomiya Junior High School in Fujinomiya City, Shizuoka Prefecture.