Friday, June 17, 2016

How The Obama Loving Media Failed The USA

The gag order I was issued by a Taiwan judge in 2008 expired yesterday.  I want to explain how this gag order came about.

I worked for the Taiwan Times as the English Editor from 2000 to 2008.  During this time we covered every story of corruption in Taiwan and US politics.  Never during the time leading up to the 2008 presidential election were we ever censored or disciplined for stories we reported.

This all changed in 2007 when our parent company that owns the NY Times began to censor our stories reporting on the background and the vetting of then Senator Barack Obama.

In April of 2008, I received a phone call that a UK national wanted to speak to me about possible proof Obama could not possibly run for president and that he had proof from Kenya that Obama was actually Kenyan born and had been made an Indonesian national by his mother and Indonesian stepfather.

With some doubt I met the man in a meeting room at the Taiwan office.  He showed me a Kenyan birth certificate and hospital certificate.  He also showed me a copy of the school registration of Obama from the Islamic school he had attended in Indonesia.

I excused myself and had a reporter call Kenya and Indonesia to confirm this information.  The Kenyan Office of Vital Statistics, the Coast Province General Hospital in Mombassa, and the school in Indonesia all confirmed the authenticity of the documents.

I immediately scanned all the documents, took photographs of them, printed the email confirmations, and signed for acceptance of the man's pack of papers.  I then began to write the story myself.

I called the agency that had represented Obama's books.  They confirmed that Obama had been listed by their agency (Acton & Dystel) as being born in Kenya, raised in Indonesia and Hawaii, BUT they were forced to change this in February 2007 before Obama announced his candidacy.

A friend of mine at Breitbart scanned the blurb on the cover of his copy of Dreams of My Father and sent me an email.  It stated very clearly that Obama was born in Kenya just as the website of the publishing agency did.

When the story was completed the Taiwan Times board refused to print it or place it on the online version.  I was called into the CEO's office and informed that NY Times people killed the story and that I was to turn in ALL source material.  I copied all onto a CD and turned it in.

Something funny happened the next day.  I was called into a magistrate’s office a few blocks away from the Times.  I was issued an 8 year gag order.  Under penalty of prosecution I could never write, publish, or speak about the killed story.

A few days later I was fired from the Taiwan Times.  My wife was a Japanese national so we moved to Nagoya, Japan.  I then began my freelance writing.

Here are the copies of the original source material.

Kenyan birth certificate showing Obama was born in Kenya in Aug. 1961

Close up photo showing names

Showing official signature and seal

Hospital certificate

Copy of registration book at Indonesian school

From the publishing agency website

Blurb from cover of Dreams of My father

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