Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Oriana Farrell Is A Liar

Good Morning America and ABC are a bunch of idiots.

Oriana Farrell who stopped in new Mexico for going 100 MPH on a New Mexico highway back in October 2003 was not treated abusively by police.  There is the full video of the police encounter on Live Leaks.

Her comments on GMA about how she felt like Trayvon Martin is complete nonsense.  Like Skittles Martin who had drugs in his system, guess what?  So did Oriana, I know big surprise, right?

Full Unedited Video Here at Live Leaks

If you watch the actual full video and not some edited version to paint cops as the bad guys, you can clearly see this lady not only endangered the lives of her family, but of other people on the road. The cop was only going to give her a ticket for speeding. He was very professional, and never once tried to yank her out of the car, he definitely should have.

After the first time she ran, then pulled over, once she finally did get out so he could speak with her, she tried to run back to drivers seat, when he stopped her that is when her son got out and started punching the officer.

FYI, it was a responding officer that shot at the van, and if you watch the video closely, he was shooting at the tires. The van was never actually hit, you can see the bullet hitting the ground near the tires as she drives away. Never once did he fire INTO the van.
And that officer lost his job for shooting at her tires trying to slow her down.

The blame is totally on her and the media for spinning a very large lie due to race.

If it was a white woman and family, not a thing would have been said, except, wow look how dumb this lady is, boy they should have tased her.

Any one who watches the entire video and still supports here, are complete morons. Think about it, she could have hit you and your family on your way to the store, or to the movies, or maybe taking your kid to a special birthday dinner, and for what??? Because she didn't want a speeding ticket? Then felt it was okay to drive 100+ miles an hour through town to get her kids to a hotel, when she had an adult passenger and an adult son that could drive her van.

The American public wants to know how much Trayvon Martins mother, Sybrina Fulton, paid you to bring up Trayvons name on GMA this morning?  Every chance she gets she brings up the drug dealing thug and well known local thief. The school police found stolen goods in his locker that he stole from houses around his school they also found bags of pot he was selling!  His mother along with her attorney Benjamin Crump along with Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson, all four of them are race baiters. And Crump is trying to make a big name for him self.  Always has his hands out for money from law suits from dead kids.      

Now the truth does not fit with the Marxist secular progressive humanist cry baby myth that white cops are evil because Montoya is Hispanic not Caucasian, so now what?  Well lets hope the judge in the new trial will now have the ACTUAL video to go by and not the edited media version.            

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  1. The sheer stupidity of this woman is appalling. Not once has she assumed responsibilty for the escallation of this minor traffic stop. And those who embrace her lies are contirbuting to her stupidity and lack of responsibility,