Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Election Is Over, Remember Benghazi

All bloggers I call on you to demand with me justice for Ambassador Stevens and three Americans who were killed with him in a terrorist attack that Obama knew would happen beforehand and after nearly two months later Obama has done nothing. We need to get on our blogs and begin to fight with our words. Let's join together and show the lamestream media a big portion of America hasn't forgotten Benghazi and won't let Obama just sweep it under the rug.

In college I had a professor who taught our English and Literature courses who cautioned us, “Be careful of jumping on bandwagons and following the herd. You just may find that you jumped to nowhere and following along to your own harm.” I am sure a few more took her caution to heart and realized she was talking beyond research and teaching a life lesson as well. Others I am sure let her teaching go in one hole and out another. Such is the plight of lessons, I saw the same as I taught in Japan a few years later.  The only wasted lesson is one which the student pays no heed to.

In 2008 I saw this lesson played out when Obama was hailed first as the new hope for America, then the guy who change things, then the new sensation for young women to have crushes on, then the outsider who keep the evil Clintons from retaking America, to finally the messiah who will make all things new and more importantly give away phones and other freebies. Unlike the sheeple, I decided to shun both the savior and the former sailor and go for Nader, who actually had a real record of doing something good for many and also showed real compassion that was not scripted on a teleprompter like the holy one.

Alas, I find myself now realizing the sheeple have learned nothing after four years. The proof is that we still Obama as president. The man wholly created by and sustained by the media and a team of red in tooth and claw Chicago king makers. Romney didn't stand a chance against this union of thugs and criminals, not to mention journalistic failures.

We today face the end of the United States of America as we know it. President Barack Obama, with no surprise, has been reelected. I shall not delve into why Romney lost as I have covered that before. What I shall do is inform you where our nation is headed.

Take a look at Europe and the European nations. That is our future under this president. Deep in debt and spending our way into a future of people more unemployed than employed, a currency that is worthless, and leaders more fascinated with their own persona than possessing a desire to lead. Our future is also being arranged with the fact campaigning for 2016 begins in earnest today for the Democrats. This past election splintered the Republicans and their finger pointing will be their demise four years from now. We now face the fact the UN and EU are the maps of America's future, not our constitution.

I began to get concerned when Forbes article entitled, “The Manchurian Candidate” was suddenly purged from their website. I copy and pasted the article because I knew it would not last long. Someone at the White House, you can bet, threatened Forbes with their White House press clearance if they kept it up. Valerie Jarrett comes to mind. The main focus of the article is this:

After the first three plus years of the presidency, it is painfully clear that Barack Obama was a “pretty face,” and “glib speaker” and a lightweight liberal politician with a community organizer/radical background. The American people should be outraged at this man’s behavior and even his candidacy. Why are they not? Because of the misinformation delivered by sympathetic liberal/mainstream media who loves his nonsensical form of governing.
Obama’s perceived preparedness for the presidency is a terrible delusion, from which it is difficult to escape. Mistakes build upon each other and result in even more complex problems. Difficult problems that are mishandled become even more difficult to fix. When you have too little experience, lack substance (other than the words of your latest speech), then leading, managing and problem solving simply don’t happen. And that is what has occurred. When you compound the problem by surrounding your self with like-minded theorists, lacking in real-world experience, things become worse yet. The theoretical solutions to problems often don’t work due to the messiness of the real world — and the reasons are almost unfathomable to these rookie executive/politicians.

What should Americans think about this “imposter?” Will he divulge his true background so we can all see who he is and where he came from — really? If not, is this just a man who should never have been sworn into the office of President in the first place, and who has crippled Americans miserably during his term? What if a real crisis like one involving China – either faltering or military engagement, forces Obama to make real decisions involving close to a million lives?

Will we continue to believe his misstatements (the politically correct term for lies)? Can he simply use the media to “erase and forget the past three years of misery and missteps?” Or will we learn from his imperialistic behavior and terrible results and throw him out in disgrace?

This article appeared in Forbes on March 25 and was suddenly gone a few hours later. It still survives on a few pages on the internet like Gateway Pundit .

Obama from the beginning was a manufactured bandwagon. Obama's entire autobiography was a fraud created by Chicago Democrats with tons of experience in stealing elections. Valerie Jarrett, Rahm Emmanuel, David Axelrod all created the myth and fiction that is Barack Obama. The very reason that this administration opposes any laws that will make voter fraud difficult - the Democrats had to oppose them to fulfill their goals for America. With voters having to prove their identities, ACORN and others can't help Democrats seal wins on their own, they need election fraud.

The heir to the Obama dynasty has already been chosen and campaigning begins today. Hillary survived Obama throwing her under the bus on Benghazi, and it is certain little will be revealed or done about Benghazi, the dialogue will shift, perhaps. The dialogue and goal of this administration will be their “reshaping and redirection of America, and spreading wealth around”. Maybe congress will humor Obama and let him have his way on things. Taking example from European nations Obama will transform the US economy into the Keynesian paradise that Paul Krugman and other leftists are pushing for. Regulations on business will pose too great a burden and force them to nationalize.

All the while knowing Socialism is failing Europe and the UK's system is near collapse. That makes no difference to Obama, he will continue to push his American “transformation”. Logic and sense have no place in Obama's plans, the very fact he demands American Socialism is enough, and the proof has been in his willingness to sacrifice lives to accomplish this. Remember the names of Brian Terry, Ambassador Chris Stevens, they were sacrificed by Obama to push his agenda forward, American lives are of no consequence to his thirst for wealth, power, and implementing his Socialist agenda on America. This new term for Obama seals the deal.

Now the petty bickering of Axelrod vs Holder can be put to rest. It really does not matter if Holder resigns now or not. Obama has nothing to fear if his entire cabinet and pool of advisers leave. Valerie Jarrett is guaranteed to stay gate keeper so long as Obama occupies the Oval Office. Jarrett can begin in earnest her promised letting hell loose on the perceived enemies and under achievers of Obama. Jarrett can unleash her worst and there in nobody and nothing to stand in her way. After all, we now know Obama called off killing Bin Laden three times at Jarrett's demand, and Jarrett is actually the one who gave the go ahead to Seal Team 6 in May 2011, so much for the Obama the terrorist slayer monicker. With Obama's apologetics and his penchant to refuse to use the words terrorist and terrorism, the monicker was more sarcastic anyway.

Now Obama can sit back and groom Hillary to be his successor. Bill Clinton was unable to convince Hillary to stage a coup this year, so now Bill can look forward to being first husband in 2016. The only things that will hinder this are: Hillary decides not to run (perhaps), the Benghazi ordeal blasts the Obama administration into chaos after inquiries (unlikely, there is no interest now the election is over), or Obama commits random acts of self destruction like Carter did (impossible, he survived the first term, and Jarrett is much more intelligent than Hamilton Jordan). Obama can now push his agenda for America's reshaping and spread the wealth around like he wishes now.

There still could be a fly in the ointment. Suppose China falls into chaos due to ethnic uprising or the Islamist regimes China has been bankrolling turn against the godless Chinese communists and launch jihad on China. Either are completely possible. The gulf between rural poverty and urban expansion have widened tremendously the last seven years. Today the vast majority in China live in deeper poverty and even less chance to rise out of poverty. This is a ticking time bomb that the elite in Beijing pretend does not exist, yet know perfectly well that the tiniest spark could set off ethnic tensions that would lead the 80% caught in rural poverty to rise up. This was narrowly averted twice already. After the 2008 Western China Earthquake and the 2009 Uighur Uprisings. A third spark just may set off the powder keg.

If this happens (and it is a real possibility) Obama would be caught absolutely in shock. Clinton's State Dept. would be even more unprepared than it was for Benghazi. Obama and his drones have been band wagoning Chinese ascension to number one, and anything that stood in the way would come as a complete surprise they could not handle. The fall of China as we know it now would throw Obama's team into such chaos that Republicans could retake a majority in both houses of congress in 2014 and also have a real chance to take the White House in 2016.

China has been trumpeted as the inheritor to America's greatness for so long by the leftists like Obama that a failure for China to do so would throw economic plans, diplomatic relations, and the balance of power in Asia in complete chaos. There is a real chance that China could actually find itself a splintered third world nation before ever reaching number one. Even if China reaches number one, how long could they stay there with the poverty, disparity, and privation that actually exist in China? I have always stated there is no guarantee China will either keep its prosperity or rise any further. For the simple fact that China's success like Obama's autobiography are media generated and advanced myths. A closer look makes both fail serious inspection. There was a reason that Forbes article was titled “The Manchurian Candidate”, a real crisis bigger than the Arab Spring or Benghazi will topple Obama's success and throw the Democrats into a tailspin.

Now consider this final thought. Obama has been reelected and Congress has gained more Republicans. The Benghazi affair is much, much bigger than Watergate was. Obama will now go through the same sad process that Richard Nixon went through after he won his second term. Now that Obama has a second term there will be no way that the lame-stream media could or can whitewash the cover-up that has been committed by the Obama administration in handling Benghazi.

The Benghazi investigation will pre-occupy Congress for the next two years of Obama’s second term and will bring down his sorry administration in impeachment proceedings in the House and trial in the Senate. Republicans do not need majorities of both houses of Congress, it will be a slam-dunk. The corrupt White House team lead by Valerie Jarrett will fight it tooth-and-nail, and the complicit and corrupt lame-stream media will continue to support the corrupt POTUS and his corrupt administration, however, justice will prevail in the end because as in 1974, the American people will finally demand something be done to right the injustice, lies, and criminality emanating from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

So perhaps Obama may have been better off losing. China would be dealt with by Romney and his brain trust of a Bush IV team. Benghazi could have easily been swept under the rug and kept there. Now that Obama has won a second term it all rests in his lap. Like Nixon, Obama has been glib, smug, and arrogant, those are dangerous traits for a leader. Like Nixon, Obama's second win could be his colossal failure. Be careful of jumping on bandwagons indeed, especially if they are marked China or Obama. Congratulations Mr. President.

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