Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A Response to Obama's Marxist Leaning

Obama Is No Marxist - I Know For A Fact

By Daniel J. Rea

I take much amusement hearing right wing radio hosts spew their piffle about President Obama being a Marxist.  First, there is absolutely no evidence to prove this ridiculous accusation.  Their guilt by association of a few people Obama spoke with in the past is dangerous because I can show all these radio hosts can be homosexuals, Nazis, and conspirators to defraud the USA.  Second, they seem to not understand what a Marxist is by definition, and Obama does not meet the definition.  Just because he supports universal health care (which Obama Care is not – this simply requires all Americans to have health insurance, private or government) does not make him a Marxist any more than it did Truman, JFK, Eisenhower, Johnson, Ford, Ted Kennedy, Bob Dole, John Tower, or Bill Clinton (all of these people called for public supported government sponsored health care).  Finally, because I had been a Marxist and Obama by no means qualifies like the people I knew and associated with in the CPUSA.

The definition of a Marxist is a person who follows Karl Marx or his theories.  Problem is, Obama does neither.  Obama has never praised Karl Marx nor has Obama followed the theories of Marx.  Quite the opposite actually, Obama has praised the need for private property, helped bail out the auto makers to keep them going instead of nationalizing them, and Obama has repeatedly spoke of the need to preserve America’s capitalist system.  Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and Mark Levin simply won’t let a little thing like the truth hinder them though.  Instead because President Obama met Bill Ayers, was inspired by his professor Charles Ogletree, and worked with ACORN organizer Madeleine Talbott then Obama is Marxist by association.  Even if these people were to be Marxists, which it is doubtful about Ogletree and Talbott, it would not make Obama a Marxist because he knew them or even worked with them.

Many of us know or work with drug addicts (actually Limbaugh is an addict) that does not make us addicts.  Many of us know and work with mentally ill people, that does not make us mentally ill.  Guilt by association is a logical fallacy for a reason, it is ridiculous.  So let’s play the guilty by association game.  By this logic Rush Limbaugh is a homosexual because he associated with homosexuals Eliot Sanders and Norm Woodruff.  Sean Hannity is a Nazi because he associated with well-known Neo-Nazi Hal Turner.  Mark Levin is guilty of perjury because he associates with Oliver North.  That is how ridiculous it is for these petty little charlatans to call our president a Marxist.  These hate prattlers have no shame or decency.

There is a more full definition of a Marxist: One who supports the complete control of private property that is then made communal to gain complete control of labor and capital for adjudication by the collective state.  This definition comes from the Merriam – Webster Dictionary.  Obama fails by this definition because Obama repeatedly has called for the preservation of private property rights.  A big reason he nixed the pipeline deal.  He didn’t want people losing their farm, ranch, and business property to make room for it.  Something the neo-Cons intentionally do not mention.  Obama has not made any comment nor drafted any legislation that would put all employment or money under control of the state.  Instead Obama has drafted legislation that eases employment policies and laws so people can be more easily employed.  Every US bank could have easily been collectivized by Obama just hours after January 20, 2009.

Obama did away with restrictions on who can be classified as a trainee for heavy industry jobs and Obama even pissed off many unions over the summer when he said in Kansas, “I believe unions control employment in some jobs they have no need controlling.”  Obama fails as a Marxist by this more complete definition.  Those who call Obama a Marxist are full of shit, plain and simple.

Honestly, if one wishes to dislike the Obama presidency there are numerous reasons.  One, Obama’s pathological promise breaking.  The deficit is not cut in half yet.  Obama has not created the millions of jobs he promised.  There is no foreclosure protection agency.  Two, one could also look at his failed policies.  Obama’s Mid-east policies have failed.  Egypt is moving closer to Islamist control.  Syria continues to ignore Obama and the State Department.  Iran refuses to talk to Obama or Sec. of State Clinton.  Obama’s presidency is the biggest failure since that of Jimmy Carter’s, there is simply no need to falsely label Obama as Marxist.  Three, the absolute refusal of Obama to submit a budget to Congress.

I know firsthand Obama is not a Marxist because I used to be a Marxist.  I associated with people who hated capitalism and were willing to do almost anything to bring down the US government.  When the Soviet Union fell we fell apart as American Marxists.  The CPUSA crawled into a shell that it will never be able to escape, especially after 9/11.  There was nothing to hold to because Marxism had proven a huge failure.  Today, the Marxists I knew who stayed on with the movement are pathetic imitations of their former selves.  If I were still a Marxist I would definitely be against Obama and his half assed policies that have further wrecked our nation at the price of the suffering of the poor.  What Obama actually wants is for the US to be a nanny state like the European states are.  A cheap Euro Socialist imposter that joins hands with Socialist Europe and redistributes the world’s wealth until Ayn Rand is seen as a prophet and not the dime store novel writer she was.

Obviously Obama isn’t noticing the miserable failure Europe’s experiment with Socialism is.  There is wide difference between Socialism and Marxism.  The UK was a Socialist state through much of the Cold War but stood against Soviet Marxism.  Some dumb asses in the Lamestream Media forget real history and just like to throw labels and names around.  Personally, I always thought if Europe wanted to solve all of their problems then they should stop screwing around and become real Marxist states.  That helped the Soviets because when it all fell apart they became more capitalist and republican than the US is.  There is much that can be criticized of Obama, but calling him a Marxist is like calling the Pope an Atheist.  The label just does not fit.

 Obama is obviously an Uncle Tom for big industry.  Look at his handling of BP, his recent refusal to have Google’s privacy policy checked by the FTC and FCC for consumer privacy violations, and his acceptance of election donations by huge insurance, energy, and technology corporations.  Obama is as much a big industry ass kisser as Regan and Bush I and II were.  That is a far cry from being Marxist.  My Marxist friends would eat Obama for lunch and shit him out for dinner.  They have absolutely no respect for a man who pretends to be friends of the poor while kissing the asses of the likes of Warren Buffet, Jeremiah Wright, and Tony Hayward.  Oh well, to each according to need and from each according to ability to lie in the Lamestream Media. 

I miss those days some times.  In the end we were no more than middle class suburban kids looking to be different from the soulless neocons around us.  We had a penchant for Toyota, Edie Brickell, and Mondale.  Our neocon classmates had a penchant for BMW, Tom Petty, and Reagan.  We wanted nothing to do with them.  Some of us grew out of it and others stayed in the “Party” and were in central Dallas over the summer Occupying Old City Park.  To those comrades I say with teary eyed nostalgia and fondness, the revolution is past.  Now occupy a job.

Daniel Rea is a good friend of mine and sent me this in an email.  I reprint it here with approved editing as a response to my previous post. 

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